I don´t need Facebook, Facebook needs me

Facebook banned public views of my pages without any reason(just ban without an single email, just BAN = totalitarism).

I am from postcommunistic country, I was born in Communism and when I was 3 years old here was democratic revolution, and I know the stories... I know how absolutistic power works, propaganda, "do what we want or you will see" and so on...

Facebook want every single day to pay for share of my content... it was MY content, MY photos, for sure I need to say: I was sharing ONE post per day, it was mostly just a PHOTO of a my home town or in other page it was my BLOG or something similar, nothing against any rules, nothing agains anyone... just beautiful nature/town or my writing, stories and so on...

Facebook BAN it all, without any reason, well ok, you say it is Private company I say OK, but I don´t need to be there.

Why? When I am making content people go and watch, or read, or consume it any way... Facebook was just part of my sharing site, I were making activition there, Facebook wasn´t making activity on ma pages! I was the important one there Facebook is not important for me...

so why facebook has ads everywhere, makes money via my photos, via my posts via my activity when I am administrating my pages and when I let people be active there too... do you see what I think? When I am active and when I make activity via Google, Google gives me provision via their ads system... Facebook? Facebook want to let me pay for the Honor to make them money(to be there), WTF you aks? Yea wtf... so you will not see me there anymore...

bye bye Facebook, I don´t need you... do you want me to share there and be there again? Pay me for it if not let your totalitarist site to the people who are able to survive new kind of communism / fashism.


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