Thae Naptel: Postapok I.

Sand... a lot of the sand.. sand everywhere... Why the sun must shine so much? Outch, well who cares, I am just scared that the plastic bottles will melt before I found some water to pour it into them.

Something is different now... something is weird... I need to talk loud because in the other case I should become mad.

How did all happened? Why noones here? Why am I in the midle of the desert with few empty bottles and no people around, why this mess?

I remember... I never forget... just the day when whole world has been changed...

There was nothing, just a scream, people around like pupets, like something what I saw in sci-fi scenes... I was undeground, in our old Museum, a lot people with me, but kind of freek mood... a lot people but nobody was realy here...

Someones were running around, someones were like statues, someones were just out of their mind... and someones were telling to anyone who were listening that they knew it all the time...

It was such a nice day before all this stuff, I were zewling around... just in the center of my lovely town... we all were hearing that the war should be... but noone care so "let it be"... some illnes... some epidemics... some imigration... but in real noone care at all... just everyday lifes... consume and making more.

now it is... someone pushed the button and we all are undeground, with our sins, with our dreams... now it is about us... selfishness win, more than individualists dream.

I saw first pictures what will be next... some old man had a radio, now young strong man it has.

- huh,,, what's with the cart what I have... stupid wheels... stupid sand... I need to build tent here because my cart is broken here... - I were thinking when I will see some bird again... it´s long time I was one... it is long time I had a chicken meet... huh heaven for vegetarians now I bet :D well I need some jokes while all around is like one big evil dream.


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