Ok Donald Trump will be probably next american president, so what?

I can see hysteria about Donald Trump in mainstream media... well I realy don´t know why... in my European country we have president who is alcoholic and we survive this too, ok we have not presidential system as USA has, but still there is nothing terrible about Mr. Trump.

He just know what to say and what people want to hear, as always it will not be so terrible as it seems to be and for me more weird is when people are calm about people like Ms. Clinton... well this woman seems to be more dangerous for people and mainstream media are ok with her...

well world is weird... communistic europe is called Capitalistic... totalitary capitalistic China is called Communistic...

black people had their first black president... so why white people can´t have their white blond promiscuite president?

what will happend? More wars than we have now? 3rd World War? More water boarding? More walls?

there is no reason to think that choose between Clinton and Trump should something change...

Love, Peace and Freedom people, be who you are and let politics do their show ;) for sure its just show bussines ;)


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