The Zika Virus: evolution or act of the Illuminati?

as I wrote somewhere before a time, try to imagine you have an unlimited power...

will you want to reduce population of this planet if you will know ya will make better world for the rest by this act?

Interesting about this viruses like HIV, ZIKA and so on is they are the most stronger on the poor side of this planet. Ok, you can argue: the hot climate, the poorness of the people, lower education, different culture.

Still is for me realy weird why all of this stuff is so uniportant for us in Europe... and more interesting is how this "new" viruses works, like ZIKA.

Woman has ill and heat after that she has an baby and that baby is born with small head and small brain... I am realy interested how this childrens will work, how much they will be usefull, if they will be able to do some job and so on about their inteligence. It is question if it will be like robot or like people with Down syndrome.

well, you don´t need to be conspiration theorist to see there is something wrong with our planet... maybe it is just self defense against the most strongest virus as we are for whole life here, maybe is there hidden plan of hidden society... well who cares... the result is same...


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