Kesha will not be let out of SONY contract - FEMINISTIC WAR BECOME (again)

"Distraught Kesha breaks down in tears after judge rules the singer must continue working at Sony where the producer she alleges drugged and raped her is employed"

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Someone who has name Kesha, which mean "money"(cash), can´t be taken seriously if she plays weak girl who just want satisfaction.

Okey Dr Luke should raped her, okey he should terrorize her psychicly, but is this realy reason to break a deal? Let me think from other side as white man without childrens... how often I hear that girl or in this case yung woman just tell fake story about man? "oh he raped me" - "oh he is such a pervert"... I don´t think that women always lie... but women lie often and in this case there is a big reason why to lie about her relationship... okey she maybe had sex with Dr Luke... question should be if it was wanted from both sides or not... hmm... (can you imagine how it works in showbussines ;)) ok ok...

I am such an wrong man I know... I am evil and so on... but think for a while withuot emotions... what the f* has her raping of psychical terror to do with her deal with her label???

ok ok ... I know... trendy is to write hashtag freekesha and be angry to Men´s world... yea... poor girls... they mostly have sex with us just because they think they will have some benefits and then they cry that they have wrong selfish man and the good ones hates them... pff, think girls... than talk...

I don´t know where is the true in case with Kesha... but true is that it´s not so hard to cry if you want to have few millions more than she has now. I can do it too...

and it is not so hard to find a lot of stories "feminists" who just stole money of their men... we call them here "zlatokopky" / gold-diggers... and yea you can gues where I think the true is... hate me for my opinion, hate


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