American presidential elections - Trump or Sanders who´s worse?

I, as European should have closer as you can think to left wing of USA political scene... yes we have healtcare system for all, strong social system of support for anybody and a lot more stuff what american right wing politics calls communistic... but still...

well ya know... I am from post communist country, my father was persecuted by communists and I hate communism, so I am the last one who will support communistic ideas and communistic candidates.

American elections now seems to be just on start with two most shining persons, Trump and Sanders. Yea Trump had wife who comes from my country, from Czechoslovakia, so he should be my man... he dislike refugees, he don´t want support by corporations and he seems to be right wing man... okey... but... "realy"? eh, well... okey if ya like him, like him... hope we have freedom... but wtf :D

yea I am not american... I see a lot of stuff what is here in Europe "normal" like crazy when americans screem thats communistic... and yea Sanders for example should be communist... but seen by my European eyes its standard politic with standard opinions...

...wait the minute, isn´t it Europe whole communistic continent? :D oeky okey... and if I think about it isn´t it "communistic" China in real Abolutistic Capitalism? and USA corporative centralism? :D well quite far from names and declarations...

hmm, well... I should be member of the Mensa (people with high IQ), but what I know... I am just a shitty boy who has nothing... lalala - just think about reality and what about the media tells to you ;)


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