MovieTalks: The Martian

As you know I am writing about movies diferent way, this is not standard review... this is just my thoughs about anything what I think about when I am watching movies.

Today I will write about movie Martian with Matt Damon. Let me say this: I saw the movie in 3D and it was simply stunning - fck it I will not write about it lets start with my thoughs.


Did you saw the scene with chinese? Ou, What? Do America realy need external help or producers need chinese money to pay their expensive bills? Hell yea, you know the answer...

They didn´t need the ship for second variant with Hermes come back, yea they should use any of the other ships when they had a lot of time ti be back on the mars  to safe his life, so I should understand, producents need to say how amazing chinese are when theis market in USA has no grow so they need now to make more money in China, but still, do we realy need to do this kind of ass-climbing so conspicuous? pff...

Other stuff was standard... support for our mentality... never give up and blabla stuff allright I personaly was down for a lot of the times so I love this kind of support so thats all right, but in other way I need to ask... why... why Matt Damon must act in a lot of good movies when I never like him much? haaaaa... no... no no ... well I can´t say I hate him... I just say I don´t like him... but I love a lot of his movies... do you know the feeling when you want to see the movie just bcos there is you favourite actor and the movie is sh*t? yea... Matt Damon is kind of the actor for me that I should bet his movie will be great but I dislike him as person :D

well... that was just my personal though... more important is I LOVE 3D and the miracles what guey in Hollywood can do with it... and the main what I want to say is: never eat potatoes for two years in row...


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