Theories: Saturn´s hexagon - Why exists?

Few facts: Saturn´s hexagon is a persisting hexagonal cloud pattern abound the north pole of Saturn, the sides of the hexagon are about 13800km long.

Now my theory why Saturn´s hexagon exists. It is simple as everything. as we know, the world is just illusion, we could predict that there is no saturn, no hexagon... there is just what we want to see... we want to see science so we see science... when we will want to see the God we will see the god... it is easier as you ever should thoughs...

Now some explanation: whole space seems to be like machine... with engine, with AI, with automatized system... rules and so on... so why should we be curious about some geometrical thing on one of the biggest planet of our solar system?

I will ask you question: in old roman empire people were thingikn that stars are just holes in our heaven... how far they were when you can imagine today whole 3d space with all energy (we are just an energy nothing more)... well... my answer as simple again: we found something... then we were laugthing to our anties for what their thougs and after the time we will find they were right in some way...

like our famous hexagon... just proof of design... just proof of the working laws... like program... like software... thats my theory... whats yours?


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