One Year of my "Google plus" Experience and why I hate Facebook

It is one year when I come to Google+ now(400 000 followers on my pages and 70 000 on communities and 13 000 followers on my personal profile & 600 000+ on my web page www.shareitifyoulikeit.com), well I had on Facebook few pages and about 50 000 fans there(so I was not much succesful) and I hated how facebook run their site, they were changing how many people see my pages day by day, they deleted other page of my friends with 1 million fans for month and say owners that they are transfering this page on other servers or what... so disgusting... how could you want run your bussines with company like this? So I went to Google Plus and try to make pages here(my distribution site).

What I want & why I do G+ pages(FB before)? I want Big Youtube Channel(recording studio) with my own creations(music, movies, vlogs) and big audience, yea... I want create music, vlogs about thinks what I am interested and so on... but I want to do it on full and if I do something I wanna be sucesfull, so I need audience before I start with my own creations... so I created pages on social sites...

When I start here I had 5 pages: Animals, Beutiful planer Earth, I love laught and two pages with photos of women. Now I have about 50 pages here and about 20 communities and what is the point? Do just what google say that u must do and  succes will come! Be active, share cool content, react on your followers, make relationship with them, share what they wanna see, be active on theirs profiles, dont react on haters, share circles with your pages, share your posts thrue your other pages... conect your google+ with your youtube acount(it brings you better service, I tryied to change it back and new version is realy better).

So my conclusion is that if You give Google+ time Google+ will gives you attention and followers. Now I am supporting my Youtube channel where I am posting music and videos under Creative Commons Attribution license, which mean that u can download it and use it if you share credits, and I am seeing how grow number of my subscribers there... next level(third) is my own music vdeos made on full by me... but there is one year of work to be on that level that I will be able to do just my own creations... yea... so I will b happy if you will chceck out my grow...

CU on next blog...

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